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Andreas Mehlhorns' original, and the most informational Kettenkrad web site (English version).

Matt Janssons' site of various military vehicles and parts for sale.  Matt is one of "the good guys".

The most complete list of military vehicle links I have ever found.

 The Tank Museum in Bovington, England

Check out this web site. It has the most amazing series of restoration photographs I have ever seen.

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association, an international organization dedicated to the preservation of military transport.

The Military Museum of Southern New England, in Danbury, Connecticut.

The Panzer Museum in Munster, Germany

 The "Authentic Fighting Veterans Museum" in Belgium.  This is a mobile museum on wheels consisting of Military Vehicles (what else?).  Be sure to check their link to "BOAR" (a great logo)

 Military Vehicle Owners group in Southern California


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